A fashion brief was received form Mastered UK in March 2018. It was to work with the word power and my interpretation of it. Power has many forms, the most dominant one for me is sex. It can be used for pleasure or to inflict pain, create lives and take them away. The power of sex extends everywhere, it doesn't matter who or what you do. It is a power that is in us all, a power that is me.
To represent sex I chose the act of bondage. It is a controversial topic due to it being an act of submission and dominance. A power game between master and slave. Power is represented by the harness and the process of putting it on. It was also about the body and the power it had to seduce without the viewer seeing the face.
The story of Power is Me is  in 2 parts about a young man finding his power in sex. He goes on a journey starting as a dominate and ending as a submissive, learning that both have power, they are just released in different ways.

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Model: Anonymous 
All production was done by Edward Berridge


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